Mercedes SLS AMG GT F1 Safety Cars Gets Upgrades

As the official F1 safety car, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT has been seeing quite a bit of track time in this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship. With a good chance that it’ll make an appearance at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix, the German automaker has outfitted it with several changes.

To date, the F1 safety car has already been sent out onto the track six times this season with over 85 miles driven under safety car conditions. Since 2008, the safety car has been deployed in every Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix race, so there’s a good chance it’ll be in action again this weekend.

With that in mind, the AMG team has increased its power to 591-hp, optimized its shifting times, and outfitted it with the new AMG Ride Control performance suspension. It’s undoubtedly the best safety car driver Bernd Mayländer could ask to get behind the wheel of.

The SLS AMG was first introduced as the official safety car for F1 back in 2010, before it was replaced by the new AMG GT model at the Hockenheim Grand Prix earlier this year. Since then, AMG has fine tuned its safety car to excel even more when it has to take the track.

“The new SLS AMG GT is the best Safety Car I have driven. The combination of increased performance, optimised transmission shift times and the new AMG RIDE CONTROL Performance suspension takes the driving dynamics of the gullwing model to an even higher level. I have now been driving the different Safety Cars since 2000, and with each new vehicle I notice a significant enhancement over the previous model. This is where the pursuit of high performance and precision, which is so typical of Mercedes-AMG, is clearly evident again,” Mayländer recently said.