Next-Gen Mitsubishi Lancer to Shrink

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

Unlike its competitors, when the new Mitsubishi Lancer debuts, it will have shrunken proportions and likely a forced-induction engine.

“The new Lancer will be a very new car, and will be sized somewhere between the current model and its predecessor,” Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko said to The Motor Report.

The downsize will bring weight savings for the car, and Mitsubishi says the engine will be smaller displacement with forced induction of some kind to boost fuel economy. The Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf grew in their latest forms, but the current Lancer is still larger. Downsizing will actually put it more in line with the competition.

A hybrid drivetrain is also rumored to be an option on the 2014 Lancer, although at this point that is still speculation.

[Source: The Motor Report]

Stephen Elmer
Stephen Elmer

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  • Earl Earl on Oct 24, 2012

    that's good news as a last gen Ralliart Sportbackowner. Most compacts these days have grown to midsize proportions and midsize are almost fullsize. Maybe a nice 1.8 turbo with dual clutch (no cvt)...

  • This guy says; This guy says; on Nov 09, 2012

    Maybe it's time for the size range to be expanded...? It's perfect as it is. See, if you eat my lasagne expecting it to taste like lasagne, then you won't appreciate how mine actually tastes.

    • This guy says; This guy says; on Nov 09, 2012

      I mean they should get over the anxiety of failing on another puss bucket like the Colt and just bring in a new make of small car. Small cars roll too easy, I hope at least they can keep the track the same for the 2013 Lancer .