Volvo C30 Axed at Year’s End

Those still debating whether or not to get their hands on the Volvo C30 Polestar Edition should probably stop hesitating. The Swedish automaker is pulling the plug on that special edition and the rest of the C30 lineup at the end of the year.

After six years on the market and 26,000 vehicles sold in North America, Volvo will officially end the C30’s production in December 2012. The automaker’s goal with the C30 was to attract new customers to the Volvo brand with its entry-level hatchback, though sales have been less than impressive with just over 2,000 units moved so far this year.

The ability to modify any of the last C30 orders that have been placed with the factory will close over the next several weeks, and the Polestar Limited Edition C30 will be the model’s last swan song.

“This is a necessary step under our new business strategy and as part of our ongoing efforts to transition both financial and human resources to the development of high volume products to better sustain our brand health and network viability moving forward,” Volvo said in a bulletin to its dealerships.

[Source: British Rover]


Spv says:

Volvo dealers in north America failed the C30 by not ordering the base model.  The base C30 has reasonable value but a loaded C30 does not.

Valerie Storm Mcquillan says:

So sad I loved mine