Audi Promises Greater Differentiation in Model Designs

Audi, long an industry benchmark of style and craftsmanship is headed in a new design direction. Criticized for having nearly indistinguishable model designs as of late, in the future there will be greater differentiation between the German luxury automaker’s models.

But fear not if you’re an enthusiastic fan of the company’s cleanly styled vehicles. Wolfgang Egger, Audi’s head of design said the company needs “something new without breaking with tradition.” He also said “good design must always express a vision.”

That creative foresight includes a number of things. Vehicle interiors and exteriors for instance will be more cohesive. Cockpits will be more cleanly styled with even fewer controls than today. This seems to hint at future infotainment systems with even greater functionality.

Additionally, upcoming Audis will show more technical aspects to their designs. This means technology will be “exposed” rather than “enclosed.” An example of this is the company’s crosslane coupe concept that debuted at the Paris Motor Show back in September. Its Multimaterial Space Frame, which is made of aluminum, carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and glass fiber-reinforced polymer, was visible through the grille, hood intakes and sills. Beyond this, the show car strongly signals the company’s future design direction.

Audi’s Q line will be the initial focus of its styling reformation. Hinting at what’s to come, the luxury SUVs are expected to feature grilles with more three-dimensional details to give them a powerful appearance. The company’s A and R lines will follow.