Holiday Gift Guide for the Car Buff On Your List

The Holidays are here and we have a few ideas for what to get the gear-head or car-nut on your list. With a bit of help from the folks at eBay Motors, we’ve managed to find something for just about every budget, and for anyone, from the enthusiast to the everyman.


For those who wear their automotive heart on their sleeves, nothing will be more exciting than some new merchandise. This cool leather wallet sports BMW and M logos and would be perfect for the BMW fan in your life. If you’re looking for something less brand-specific there’s this carbon-fiber wallet that should appeal to those looking to drop some weight in the new year.

Don’t think a wallet will do for the car-fan in question? Why not a watch? This watch sports a design that mimics the rims on an AMG Mercedes.

Around the House:

Your car-friendly pal might have a whole room dedicated to their hobby, be it a garage, or just a room with posters and models. Help add a few touches to their cave, like this Jeep clock for any off-roading fan. Admirers of motorsports legend Carroll Shelby will appreciate this Shelby clock which sports the ultra cool logo of the famous American brand. There’s a huge variety of these kinds of clocks available on eBay, so you can find something for just about anyone.

Another unique gift idea is this iconic movie poster for Steve McQueen’s LeMans. The famous movie resonated with fans of cars, film and the Porsche-Ferrari rivalry.

Motorsport Fans:

Speaking of LeMans, your particular enthusiast might be a fan of motorsports. Think that a race watcher would be harder to find a gift for than a basketball or football fan? Think again, with these trinkets from the Inaugural Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 race.

NASCAR fans should also commemorate Brad Kesolowski’s championship win, especially with Dodge pulling out of NASCAR. This spiffy shirt will suit the NASCAR faithful, and for the true NASCAR fan, why not surprise them with this Brad Kesolowski cooler?

Formula One fans might be feeling a bit left out, so why not spring for this hat celebrating this year’s Champion, Sebastian Vettel? It’s a fitting addition to a mantle, or race-fan’s head.

Model Cars:

A gear-head’s gift is incomplete unless cars are involved. There’s a large selection of scale model cars to find at eBay Motors, but we’ve managed to find a few important or interesting selections.

For those who respect the engineering prowess of the 1,000 hp Bugatti Veyron, there’s this display, for when Top Gear Magazine deemed the Veyron to be the car of the decade.

This display of the new Porsche Boxster and its predecessor is also interesting, showing the lineage of the German sportscar. Or there’s this model of the upcoming Porsche 918 Spyder, which is a highly anticipated supercar.

Movie fans will love this model of the BMW i8 which appeared in the latest Mission Impossible movie. And it doesn’t come with a miniature Tom Cruise figurine, so the interior is all exposed in its futuristic glory.

For the DIYer:

If your gear-head is a secret mechanic, there’s no question that a set of wrenches with a wide assortment of sockets and sizes, like the ones from Gear Wrench or Blackhawk.

Some car cleaning equipment will also be appreciated, as most enthusiasts love to detail their own cars. There’s this quick kit filled with Meguiar’s products, or this buffing and polishing kit for bigger jobs. A pressure washer is also appreciated, especially for those who like to get salt and sand off their rides.

Another good idea is a service manual, to help get all the information on repairs and maintenance. There’s a huge list of manuals available on eBay, and some are expensive, like the OEM manuals from the manufacturer. To save some money consider a Haynes manual, like this one for the last generation C-Class.


Car fans love to show their dedication, so iPhone cases and iPad covers will be sure to delight. For your buyer who has a touch-screen in their car, some gloves that work with the screen will be a great present.

Overall, there are more than a few options out there to please any car fan on your list. By now you should be well equipped to give your favourite car enthusiast a memorable holiday with some unique and useful gifts.

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