Chevrolet ‘CrossVolt’ Rumors Sparked by Trademark Filing


General Motors is in the process of acquiring a trademark for the word “CrossVolt” which could be used for a future vehicle.

Pictured above is the Chevrolet Volt MPV5 concept that debuted several years back and would be a fitting model to sport the CrossVolt name. Sporting seating for five, the Volt MPV5 concept surfaced in 2010 but little has been hard of it since.

The trademark was originally filed on April 11, 2011 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and since has gotten a second extension to file its statement of use. That’s a good indicator that the American automaker intends to use the CrossVolt moniker at some point, but is holding off on filing its statement until it has a production model to show.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Concept


[Source: GM Authority]

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Mrhoads43 says:

Will I be able to trade in my 2011 volt?

Mark Renburke says:

 Not if I trade in my 2008 Prius first! 😉

Ziv Bnd says:

The Volt at an MSRP of $37k and the Crossvolt at $39k would be nice counterparts to the upscale ELR. Bring it on!

Leonard Cheung says:

The picture looks startlingly similar to the Chevrolet Orlando MPV.