Ford Delivers Final Dream Mustang, Fools the Fuzz – Video


When it came to delivering the third winner of its “Mustang Customizer” contest, Ford decided to take advantage of the fact that it was a police officer who would be the recipient.

The contest, which allows Ford Mustang fans to have a chance to win their dream Mustang by designing it themselves, kicked off last year and so far it has delivered two of the four winners. The third was went to Michael Corley, who is a police officer in Kentucky.

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To build up to his delivery, the chief of his department decided to play along. While out on the road test driving new police pursuit vehicles, Corley and his chief get a call about a possibly stolen Mustang. They proceed to pull over the Mustang and that’s when Corley is given the good news that it’s the Mustang he built with the Mustang Customizer.

The custom car featured a Cal Special grille, Pony Package badging, concept “Mustang” decal, a unique fuel door, and a glass roof.

Watch the video below.

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Luis A. Martinez says:

Why he don’t paid attention to the road when is talking in Bluetooth mode on his cell? Other than that great news and congratulations!!