Is the Mini Cooper S Countryman Untamed Edition Worth Buying?

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee

Before the all-new Countryman arrives, Mini is giving the model a special edition send-off. The brand is no stranger to one-off creations, and the new Untamed Edition gives some added style and presence to either the 2024 Mini Cooper S Countryman or the 2024 Mini Cooper Countryman SE.

So, is it worth it? That’s the question we hope to help answer for consumers. We’ve listed a few pros and cons for upgrading to the Untamed Edition below. We hope this helps any prospective customers with their purchasing decision.

Pro – Added Style

The 2024 Mini Cooper S Countryman Untamed Edition features exclusive Momentum Grey Metallic or Nanuq White exterior paint. Beside adorning the main body panels, it also extends to areas like the air intake surround, side sills, and MINI logo background. Being a Mini, it has a contrasting roof, black in this case. Other items finished in black include the roof rails, headlight surrounds, mirror caps, and other trim pieces.

Two other distinct exterior highlights are the side stripes and two-tone wheels. On either side of the vehicle are four diagonal stripes finished in Frozen Bluestone. There two-tone wheels are exclusive to this special edition and include the Untamed Edition logo on the center cap.

Inside, the leather lounge sport seats are finished in Highland Green with blue stitching. More greens and blues are slathered throughout the cabin, such as the Frozen Blue metallic interior trim.

Of course, it’s important to remind all occupants that this is a special Mini Countryman. So, logos adorn the seats, steering wheel, floor mats, and various other places.

Con – Lack of Choice

As mentioned above, the Untamed Edition comes in only two colors, shades – gray or white. If one is not a fan of either of these choices, or wants a bit more color to liven things up, they can’t have it.

Inside, it’s a similar story. The seats only come in green with blue stitching. Although we like the green seats, that alone could be a deal breaker for some.

Pro – Affordable

In the United States, the Untamed Edition is based on the top-of-the-line Mini Cooper S Countryman Iconic trim. It's available with either front-wheel or ALL4 (all-wheel drive) versions of the vehicle. It’s also available on the plug-in hybrid Countryman SE ALL4.

Regardless of which versions is selected, the Untamed Edition only adds $1,500 to the MSRP of the vehicle. That’s not much of an increase for the number of unique features included.

In Canada, the Untamed Edition is a stand-alone option, available on the Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and Countryman SE ALL4. Although the price increase is $3,200 over the Premier 2.0 trim, that price includes more than just the Untamed Edition features. It’s hard to separate how much each item costs, but we estimate, with currency exchange, the cost for just the Untamed Edition upgrades in Canada is similar to the United States.

Con – Still a Price Increase

Even at $1,500 USD (>$3,200 CAD), a price increase is still a price increase. The Untamed Edition does nothing for how the vehicle drives, or for passenger comfort, as it’s purely a stylistic update. If one doesn’t care to have the visual enhancements, the value won't be there for them.

As well, it can only be had on the top-level trims. If someone doesn’t want all the features and equipment included in the higher, more pricey trims, they are not able to add the Untamed Edition package to a lower trim Countryman.

Pro – It’s a Mini After All

Minis are fun. Not just in a driving sense, but the entire vehicles have a cheerful disposition that makes drivers, and many around them, smile. So, adding a bit more flair with something like the Untamed Package adds the appeal and aura.

If the decision has been made to purchase a 2024 Mini Cooper S Countryman or Countryman SE, we say live a little and add the Untamed Edition. The funky looks and good vibes should last long after the minor increase in price has been paid off.

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Mike Schlee
Mike Schlee

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