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Every manufacturer needs at least one SUV and for MINI, it’s the Countryman. Loaded with choice, the Countryman runs the gamut from commuter, to plug-in hybrid, to full-blown performance SUV. Front- or all-wheel drive are available along with a choice of three transmission depending on trim and/or engine. Sadly, there is no manual transmission for the Countryman.

Despite that, MINI’s SUV is one of the most fun utility vehicles to drive and still offers surprising levels of practicality.

2025 Mini Countryman SE First Drive Review: Full of Fun

How much does one horsepower really matter?

The John Cooper Works Countryman is understandably heralded as the most powerful, sportiest iteration of this next-gen Countryman—and in America, it’s priced as such. But sitting just below it is this, the all-electric Countryman SE ALL4 which, at 313 horsepower, pips its brother by just 1 hp.

Now obviously these two compact SUVs have different attitudes. It’s true: SE might as well stand for “Softer, Electric.” That it’s pulling power from a battery pack hardly matters, though: after a day spent exploring Portugal’s western coast, I’m pretty sure the meaning is “Satisfying Enjoyment.”

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2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman First Drive Review

According to Mini, the Countryman simply had to get bigger.

Late last year at the 2025 Countryman JCW debut, a Mini spokesperson told us at AutoGuide that the largest Mini offering is that way to keep folks in the brand. Sure, they love their classic three-door hatchbacks, but once family life happens, space becomes a priority.

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2025 Mini Countryman JCW Hands-On Preview: Family Fun

Yes, it's big. It's also clever.

The 2025 Mini Countryman JCW will claim a few brand superlatives when it launches next year. The Countryman in general will be the brand's largest vehicle; the John Cooper Works will also be the most powerful, and most expensive.

As the de facto flagship of the brand then, the Countryman JCW is—pardon the pun—kind of a big deal. We went hands-on at the model's world debut in South Carolina earlier this month to get a feel for the SUV ahead of its arrival next year.

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2024 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Untamed Edition Review

You may have heard. An all-new Mini Countryman is just around the corner, with a larger emphasis on all-electric models.

Featuring more squared off proportions, the new small SUV looks quite appealing. So where does that leave the current Countryman? Will it be forgotten about, left to fizzle out as the generation winds down?

The short answer is nope.

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Is the Mini Cooper S Countryman Untamed Edition Worth Buying?

Before the all-new Countryman arrives, Mini is giving the model a special edition send-off. The brand is no stranger to one-off creations, and the new Untamed Edition gives some added style and presence to either the 2024 Mini Cooper S Countryman or the 2024 Mini Cooper Countryman SE.

So, is it worth it? That’s the question we hope to help answer for consumers. We’ve listed a few pros and cons for upgrading to the Untamed Edition below. We hope this helps any prospective customers with their purchasing decision.

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2025 Mini Countryman EV Ushers In Mini's Electric Era

Mini’s been angling to become an electric-focused brand for a while now, and the latest Countryman is one of the first fruits of that labor. Riding on the same platform as the Europe-only BMW iX1, the first-ever Countryman EV debuts simplified yet sharp styling on the brand's premium crossover. Details of the gas-powered Countryman haven’t been revealed yet, but the electric model looks mighty impressive.

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2022 Mini Countryman SE PHEV Review: Niche Appeal

There’s really nothing else quite like the 2022 Mini Countryman SE.

The largest-and-in-chargest Mini is the only plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in the sub-compact segment. Not that this is some fun-free fuel-miser; on the contrary, electrification gives the Countryman added muscle, turning this into one quick, satisfying daily driver. Have cake, will consume, right?

Mostly. This plug-in Mini crossover is fun, yet flawed. Most of these quibbles are easy to overlook, small sacrifices in the name of driving an interesting model. It’s the price tag on this cake that makes it hard to swallow, though.

This generation of Countryman debuted half a decade ago, with a mid-cycle refresh happening in 2021. Mini gave its largest (and best-selling) model standard LED lighting at both ends, and a tidied up front bumper treatment. The rear lights gained a Union Jack motif, because this is a Mini after all, and if it doesn’t regularly remind you of its Britishness (by way of Bavaria), I don’t know … it turns into a pumpkin? A giant chip butty? I think they’re fun, but the taillights do have their detractors, because the turn signal points the opposite way that the driver is indicating.

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Detailed Specs




2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder / 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder / Dual Motor


241 hp / 312 hp / 313 hp


295 lb-ft / 295 lb-ft / 364 lb-ft




7DCT / 1AT

Fuel Economy (city/hwy)

Cargo Capacity

15.9 cu ft (est) Staff Staff

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