Toyota to Share Fuel Cell Technology with BMW

After forming an official partnership to share technology and build eco-friendly projects, Toyota is expected to announce an agreement to share its fuel cell technology with BMW.

The German automaker plans to use the fuel cell technology to build a prototype vehicle by 2015, and if all goes well, a production model could hit the market by 2020. The fuel cell project is the first of a multi-project partnership between the two automakers and Toyota will be providing BMW with fuel cell and hydrogen storage technology.

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Along with the joint development of a hydrogen fuel-cell system, the two automakers plan on jointly developing a platform for a future sports car. In addition, they will be collaborating on powertrain electrification and R&D on lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

Back in 2011, Toyota debuted its FCV-R fuel cell vehicle concept (pictured above), which Toyota plans to have on sale by 2015.

[Source: Detroit Bureau]

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