Jeep Wrangler Diesel Likely After Refresh in 2015


Torque is as good as money to off roaders and now there’s more information on an engine that would increase the Jeep Wrangler’s available lb-ft.

“Wrangler is on the radar to get [a] diesel. Remember we’re also going through the product change of Wrangler for 2015-16,” Jeep president and CEO Mike Manley said to WardsAuto. “That will probably be the right time to introduce the diesel into that vehicle.”

Dropping a diesel motor into the Wrangler would be an extension of Chrysler’s current push for more oil burners. This year, both the RAM 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available with diesel powertrains.

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“I’m confident that the Grand Cherokee will show just how large a demand there is for diesel, and I think what that will do is reinforce the need for us to target Wrangler as a vehicle that can take a diesel,” Manly said.

Not only would the Wrangler take the diesel, but with a 420 lb-ft of torque rating in the Grand Cherokee with the same engine, it seems like a no-brainer that one of the most off-road oriented cars on the market would make use of that low-end power.

[Source: Wards Auto]


Critter says:

I own a 99 TJ. Four years ago I put a Cummins 4BT in.  Great fit, stock transmission.  MPG is 29-30. Excellent performance off road and on, though a bit noisy at idle.  I’ve had the Wrangler since new and way prefer the diesel over the gas. I wish Chrysler had done this 20 years ago. I didn’t do  the conversion for the MPG, I did it for the torque and off road performance. If there is a drawback, it’s the dust.  Parked outside, it’s no problem. In a garage, it gets into everything.

Sabrina Hill says:

I am going to do the SAME thing to my 95 YJ, that I have all of 6,000 total into. I know how to twist wrenches, and also know my way around a “U-Pull” junkyard. The old 2.5 on the YJ was getting tired, and then the boat anchor AX5 lost 5th gear, so this will not be totally “lost money”, only the amount over what it will have cost me to do a total rebuild on the 2.5, plus replace the AX5 with an AX15. I’m going to come out smelling like a rose on this deal, and then I will have a diesel powered Jeep to go along with the 1998 GMC Sierra 6.5 Turbo Diesel that sits next to it in the Garage. 

Peter says:

I live in Europe and have a TJ from the US. There are TJ diesels here but the only good thing is the torque and a little better fuel consumption. But they stink (drive around France/Belgium/Italy and you will hit the Air Circulate button on your A/C unit faster that the bat of an eyelid) and the rough noise is not what I like on my Wrangler. I stick with gas. One man’s opinion. Mileage may differ.

StuCozza says:

Bring back the Perkins Four-192. 😉

PilotDave says:

Can’t make Tier 2 BIN 5…. old and heavy. Remember your EPA wants us to burn more diesel fuel (making much more CO2, although less than a gas burner) so we “burn off” the solid carbon particles from the Diesel Particulate Filter…

Musicdir says:

Wrangler diesel makes perfect sense.  Better on fuel, great torque, longer engine life.  Make it happen Jeep, we have been waiting too long.

Mentallect says:

I bought a CJ7 a few years ago, but I will never purchase a new Wrangler unless it is a diesel.  

PilotDave says:

Amen !!! I ordered a 4×4 F250 crew in 1999. Got a solid 20 mpg (Delvac One full synthetic) – sold it in 2003 for a Rubicon because I worked at DCX at the time and they strongly suggested part of the path from contractor to direct employee was such…. Rubi was half the weight of the super duty, but only got 13 mpg…. Sad thing is Jeep has been exporting diesel Wranglers since 2002 (TJD and JK CRD)

docwatson says:

The Grand Cherokee is a Fiat. 🙁

DoYourResearch says:

The new Grand Cherokee was developed while still part of Diamler sharing the same platform as the new Mercedes ML class. So it’s not a Fiat, it’s a Mercedes.

docwatson says:

Thanks for being so otaku, cur, you’re missing the point. This is a still a major fail and a deep betrayal of the brand with a significant loss of off road abilities. I don’t see an aftermarket for this wanna be for lift kits, etc.

Thomas Enger says:

I have a 2013 Wrangler unlimited and I get up to 21.5 mpg on the highway at 64mph. The diesel will by far surpass that, with the Cherokee showing at around 28mpg.

Dino Galdamez says:

I love my Jeep Wrangler 2007 … Hope Chrysler will take the very right decisions to keep it Good looking and much more fuel economy always is a plus …I might upgrade mine 🙂

Stu says:

According to inside sources. Jeep Wrangler Diesel (2.8 liter) are already being built by the Toledo plant and shipped overseas. Why we aren’t offered them here I have no idea. Also my mailman has a 4 door wrangler with the steering wheel on the right hand side for delivery mail. He special ordered it from the Toledo plant. So then why don’t we special order a 2.8 liter diesel wrangler from the same plant.

taylorcraftbc65 says:

You can probably thank the EPA for that Stu, I said to HELL with waiting for the Government to quit making Jeep drag their heels on a Diesel, and just went ahead and installed a Cummins 4BT into one of my wranglers. You could do the same.

Waren 3 Jeeps says:

no inside sources, JK with a 2.8L diesel been in Australia since the Jeep became a JK, My daughter just about to clock up 100,000K’s on her Diesel JK, We are on our 2nd Grand Cherokee Diesel