Mercedes GL350 BlueTec Stumbles in Emergency Handling Test: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports recently put the redesigned 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL 350 BlueTec to the test and found its emergency-handling performance concerning.

During the consumer magazine’s key standard emergency handling test, which is an avoidance maneuver with a rapid double-lane change at increasing speeds, the GL350 BlueTec reached its limits. The stability control system on the SUV got overwhelmed and the vehicle bogged down while running wide of its cornering line. Though the GL350 didn’t threaten to roll over or spin out, the performance in the test is low and is enough cause for concern that Consumer Reports wouldn’t even recommend the GL.

Overall, Consumer Reports was impressed by the GL’s performance and the luxury it offers, but its emergency-handling performance is startling. It’s definitely something the German automaker can address however, recalibrating the stability control system to help rectify the performance.

Watch the video below of the GL350 BlueTec being put through its tests.

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