Refuel Races Returns to Laguna Seca for Fifth Year

It probably isn’t the case for most, but a special few electric car owners think of their EVs as more than green lifestyle accessories.

Catering to that crowd for the fifth consecutive year, REFEUL Races will welcome electric vehicle owners to the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway for its Clean Power Motorsports Event, which includes lapping the famous course at speed with basic performance driving instruction. The event is open to electric cars, motorcycles and go-karts.

Participants can also test their speed during a time trial session, the results of which are posted later on the Refuel site. All track and time trial participants are also offered free charging.

Entering the event costs $30 and for that price drivers get three sessions, each limited to 35 drivers. Competing in the time trial costs and extra $20 and buys drivers an extra session. A transponder is also required.

The competition is divided into classes for production vehicles, conversions, purpose-builts and prototypes.

Refuel says spectators are also welcome and will be charged a $10-per-person entry fee.

At $30, the Clean Power Motorsports event is also the cheapest way to get track time on Laguna Seca. Information and registration can be found here.