Porsche Expects to Sell 10,000 Plug-In Hybrid Panameras

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

Porsche expects to sell about 10,000 of its Panamera S E-Hybrids over the life cycle of the vehicle.

That number would represent roughly double the number of first generation Panamera hybrids the brand managed to sell since introducing the model in 2011. Porsche’s confidence comes from the fact that the plug-in version will represent a big improvement over the previous hybrid, though it’s still a skimpy sales figure overall.

Improvements come from a new system that uses a 9.4 kWh lithium ion battery as opposed to the old system’s 1.7 kWh nickel-metal hydride battery. It will allow drivers to cruise at up to 84 mph for a distance of up to 22 miles.

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The new hybrid will be more powerful too because the plug-in setup offers 95 hp where the old car only had 34. That works with a supercharged V6 that makes 333 hp on its own or a combined 416.

Even with that much power, the car still managed to get 54 mpg combined during real-world tests organized by the automaker. At the time, automotive journalists gathered to collectively drive the Panamera S E-Hybrid to test what kind of mileage they actually returned. One journalist managed to record roughly 84 mpg on the course, which included city driving and a high-speed on the Autobahn.

Pricing starts at $99,995 including delivery, and Porsche sales predictions might not be unrealistic. In some ways, the plug-in Panamera might suit the needs of buyers who can afford a Tesla Model S. Then again, Tesla is predicting that it will sell roughly 21,000 of its Model S sedans by the end of the year. When you consider that the two cars sit in similar niches, the Porsche’s sales prediction starts to look sad.

[Source: Automotive News]

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