Tesla Model S Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norway

Tesla Model S Becomes Best-Selling Car in Norway

Norway has a heart-on for the Tesla Model S like no other place in the world.

Last month, the high-end electric sedan became the country’s best-selling car. The Model S pushed Volkswagen’s Golf down to second place with a 4.6 percent market share to Tesla’s 5.1. People are even paying premiums for a used Model S to avoid a five-month waiting period, Reuters reports. In fact, some Norwegians are paying as much as an extra $20,000 to skip the line.

Electric cars are especially popular in the country because of generous subsidies, free parking, express lane access and government-provided chargers.

The car commands a hefty price premium over what Tesla sells its base Model S for in the U.S. Here, the vehicle starts at just over $71,000, but that price rises to around $110,000 or more. Private sellers are frequently asking as much as $130,000.

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[Source: Reuters]