Fiat to Announce New Five-Year Plan to Save Alfa Romeo… Again

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

For the fourth time in nine years, FiatChrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne plans to introduce another revival strategy for the Alfa Romeo brand.

According to Marchionne, the Italian automaker is continuing “to work in a pretty determined fashion in trying to reshape the Alfa Romeo platform and I think we will be in a position to outline more at the end of the first quarter of 2014.” The CEO plans to introduce a new five-year strategy for Fiat Group and Chrysler next year, most likely in late April along with the companies’ first-quarter earnings report.

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As was mentioned before, Alfa Romeo will focus on a new rear- and all-wheel-drive architecture being developed by a small team of engineers that report directly to Harald Wester, Fiat-Chrysler’s chief technical officer as well as CEO at Alfa and Maserati. Sources state that the architecture is being developed to be versatile enough so that Chrysler and Dodge can use it as well. The new architecture is expected to underpin at least four new Alfa models including the Giulia sedan and wagon, a large flagship sedan and a mid-sized SUV.

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[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Mr. GTV Mr. GTV on Dec 02, 2013

    FIAT can't even save itself, let alone ALFA. The best thing that can happen now to the Alfa Romeo badged cars (we have to remember that these cars are just rebadged Fiats after all) at this point is for Fiat to sell the Alfa rights to VW. Look at what VW has done with Audi in the past 20 years, and what Fiat has done with Alfa and Lancia!!

  • Iain tait Iain tait on Dec 24, 2013

    I must say I agree with the bulk of the comments. I put serious money on the table to buy a new mito and after 6 weeks sold it with a big loss. It is such a shame that a brand that promises so much delivers such substandard product. Why did I sell it so quick? It was way below a Hyundai in quality in my opinion. An auto that never was sure where it was, trim that was falling apart, terrible economy, budget interior, a front spoiler that caused me to not be able to get in or out of my garage without great caution and a car that was not even detailed when I got delivered, covered in brake dust and dents.....shameful for a brand I wanted to love....please rescue this storied brand or sell it to someone who cares...anything else is just vandalising a historic icon!

    • CommonSense CommonSense on Mar 06, 2014

      This tale reeks of bulls#it! Are you stupid, illterate or Indian? l