Honda’s US Exports Outnumbered its Imports in 2013

Honda has made history, becoming the first overseas automaker to export more vehicles built in America than it imports from Japan.

The Japanese automaker exported 108,705 vehicles from the U.S. while importing only 88,537 vehicles from Japan. The figure takes into account vehicles from both the Honda and Acura brands. The American automotive industry as a whole remains a net importer of cars with about seven million of the 15.6-million vehicles sold in the U.S. being built overseas.

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Over the last three years, Honda has invested over $2.7 billion expanding its North American operations with top-selling models such as the Accord, CR-V and RDX being produced in the U.S. Last year, the automaker produced a record 1.3-million vehicles, a 7.4-percent increase compared to 2012. Honda’s biggest export markets include Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Mexico.

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[Source: LA Times]

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