Fisker’s New Owners Teaming Up with Bob Lutz

Fisker’s new owners are teaming up with Bob Lutz to help make the V8-powered Karma a reality.

The former General Motors executive announced a new company last year called VL Productions, which would take Karma vehicles and outfit them with a supercharged V8 in place of the electric powertrain. Called the Destino, Lutz and his new company even attempted to bid on Fisker in hopes of expediting their production process. Now it appears that Wanxiang Group, which just acquired Fisker, is on board with Lutz’s plan to offer Karmas with standard gasoline engines.

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In a recent presentation to creditors, Wanxiang referred to VL as the “soul of Fisker,” saying that the Destino is the “first true American luxury grand touring sedan in decades.” But that’s not to say that Wanxiang will abandon the electric powertrain entirely. The company insisted that it will build standard Karmas alongside the VL Destino and will continue to develop next-generation hybrid vehicles. Wanxiang plans to resume production of Fisker vehicles in the coming months.



[Source: Automotive News]

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