Honda Civic Type R Concept Blows Turbocharged Raspberry at USA


Honda just officially revealed a concept preview to one of the coolest cars North Americans will be deprived of in the near future.

Set to debut in 2015, the Civic Type R will be an especially potent front-wheel drive performance vehicle. The company said previously that it intends for the car to be the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle around Germany’s vaunted Nurburgring and they aren’t just putting around.

The car will be powered by Honda’s new 2.0-liter turbocharged “Earth Dreams” four-cylinder engine producing just about 280 hp. Aside from the upcoming Acura NSX, Honda’s lineup is devoid of products that play off of its rich racing heritage, but the new Civic Type R is meant to change that.

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Referred to by the brand as a “racing car for the road rather than high-performance version of a road car, the company is going much further than slipping a strong engine under the hood. A front spoiler adds downforce, improving front wheel traction while larger front grilles and air outlets on the hood improve engine cooling.

It’s also impossible to miss the massive rear spoiler that wears integrated LED tail lights. Other exterior highlights include 20-inch wheels.

Honda didn’t release any other technical details today, but teased the fact that there are – obviously – more coming.

GALLERY: Honda Civic Type R Concept Live Photos


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