Lamborghini Huracan Charges Into Geneva

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande

By now, you’ve probably seen and read all about the new Lamborghini Huracan.

The car is a shining example of how slow Lambo can be at releasing fast new cars. It replaces the Gallardo, which until the end of last year was on sale for over a decade. But for a company like that, it makes sense to be slow in replacing products. With such high prices, people want to know their Italian exotic will look new for quite some time. Without customers, the Lamborghini brand is little more than an unhealthy obsession with fighting bulls.

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Thankfully a slow product cadence doesn’t seem to be doing the company any harm. In fact, the Gallardo was a better seller for the company than any other model so far with over 14,000 shipped. Things have really changed since then.

Think about that for a minute. When the company’s last V10 supercar came online, 50 Cent and Sean Paul were topping the pop charts.

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Much like the last time, Lambo’s new “entry-level” car is powered by a high-revving naturally aspirated V10. But in this case, it makes 610 hp, 413 lb-ft of torque and sends that power – for now – to all four wheels via a seven speed dual-clutch transmission. It seems unlikely that the Huracan will go through life without a rear-wheel drive model.

LED lighting is standard on all of the car’s exterior surfaces but that’s the least exciting part of how the newest fighting bull car looks. Just look at it. The width, wheels and signature Lamborghini wow factor are all here.

And then there’s the cabin. There’s a little bit of influence from the Avendaor flagship like a fighter-jet-style ignition switch. Lamborghini also says it designed the car to be easier to live with for daily driving. That’s important because better sightlines and the new transmission are both major improvements over the Gallardo.

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It isn’t clear what sort of ransom you’ll cough up to take one of these home, but Lamborghini sold over 14,000 Gallardos over the past decade. That’s a record for them and one the Huracan will probably crush. The point is, if you live in an area where Italian exotic cars are common, you’ll probably start seeing quite a few of these popping up.

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