Ford Announces Six Recalls Covering 101,000 Vehicles

Luke Vandezande
by Luke Vandezande
PORTLAND, OREGON-March 12, 2012– The new 2013 Ford Flex is launched in Portland, Oregon as media have the first opportunity to drive the new product. The new three-row, seven-passenger 2013 Ford Flex offers comfort and advanced technology in a distinctive package, including a sleek new front end, modern interior and unsurpassed fuel economy. (03/12/2012)

Late Monday, Ford announced six new recall campaigns that will cover roughly 101,000 vehicles.

Ford’s latest announcement pushes the company’s recall count this year to almost three million vehicles. The majority of affected products fall under one campaign initiated because of potential problems with the right side halfshaft. The Ford Taurus, Flex, Police Interceptor, Lincoln MKS and MKT from the 2013 and 2014 model years. The Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX from the 2012 to 2014 model year are also a part of the recall.

That campaign affects 92,000 vehicles that were improperly assembled. The company said they could experience a loss of “drive function” as a result and could potentially roll away while placed in “park” if the emergency brake isn’t also engaged. The company will contact owners and ask them to bring their vehicle in for service at a Ford dealer. The service centers will replace the halfshaft if action is required.

Ford also said it 2,100 Escape crossovers equipped with a panoramic sunroof from the 2014 model year are being pulled back because the glass could have an improperly cured bond between the glass and bracket. That could cause excessive noise, leaks and potentially a separation from the bracket.

The company is also recalling 5,264 F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis vehicles because vehicles driven in areas that use road salt might cause an electrical junction box to short circuit. That could lead to smoke coming from the front right wheel, a loss of electrical power and potentially a fire.

Some of the recalls are considerably smaller. For example, Ford said 197 Fiestas from the 2014 model year for fuel tanks that are missing an adhesive layer that could allow the tanks to leak, potentially causing a fire. There are also 635 2014 Ford F53 Motorhome Stripped Chassis and F59 Commercial Stripped Chassis vehicles affected in the announcement with improperly machined brake calipers that could lead to decreased stopping power.

In Puerto Rico, there are 368 Transit Connect vans from the 2014 model year that have incorrectly labelled brake fluid reservoir caps for which the company is also issuing a recall.

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