Tesla Looking to Hire Full-Time Hackers


As cars become more technologically advanced, fear is growing that we are opening ourselves up to the mercy of hackers. 

That is why Tesla is looking for up to 30 full-time employees, dedicated to hacking into their cars. The company wants these hacker to expose flaws in its vehicle’s security systems so that its cars can be made impregnable from hackers.

At the recent Def Con conference in Las Vegas, Tesla expressed its interest in having an internal hacker team and was searching for candidates. The company has also launched an intern program which awards anyone who can find a flaw a free mention on Tesla’s website along with “challenge coins,” which can be redeemed for a factory tour.

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Tesla vehicles are prime candidates for being hacked because they are all fit with an internet connection and each car can have its software upgraded remotely. Not only are the cars connected to external sources, almost all of the Model S’ systems, like the navigation and door locks, are controlled via a massive touchscreen in the center console. Gain access to the infotainment unit, and much of the car can be controlled.

One security flaw has already been patched by Tesla thanks to a former hacker who has worked for both Microsoft and Apple according to the Wall Street Journal. When asked, Tesla would not confirm that it had actually hired anybody from Def Con.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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