Audi TT Crossover on Deck to Expand Nameplate

The Audi TT family is getting ready to welcome new members.

Recently, the German automaker unveiled a four-door TT concept called the Sportback but that won’t be the first model to head to production. In a recent report from MotorTrend, Audi said it is likely to put the TT Offroad concept to production first, looking to capture some market share in the growing crossover segment. A definitive decision will be made within the next few months according to Audi R&D board member, Ulrich Hackenberg, with the chosen model heading to dealerships in about two years.

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As for the TT Sportback, Hackenberg confirmed that it would naturally be built on the MQB platform and can use a five-cylinder powerplant. It would also use a mostly aluminum body just like the TT coupe and convertible and it is likely the crossover would follow in the same footsteps. Hackenburg said he personally prefers the Sportback concept, but that the crossover would be a stronger seller.

GALLERY: Audi TT Offroad Concept


[Source: Motor Trend]

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