Ferrari 458 Speciale A Makes Other Spiders Seem Crude

Ferrari brought the open top version of its most powerful naturally aspirated V8 road car ever to the Paris Motor Show this year.

Ferrari-458-Speciale-A-4.jpgJust like its closed cabin cousin, the 458 Speciale A uses Ferrari’s blood curdling naturally aspirated V8 capable of 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 RPM and 605 hp at a sky scraping 9,000 RPM.

The same advanced SCC traction control system that debuted on the Speciale is, of course, in place here and able to better predict how the car will perform in corners than past Ferrari traction control systems. Really, the only differences here are that the aluminum roof folds away, which also means there isn’t a glass window over the engine compartment anymore.Ferrari-458-Speciale-A-seat

The extra equipment adds roughly 100 lbs to the curb weight, but Ferrari says that shouldn’t affect its 0-60 MPH sprint, which still happens in a scant three seconds. In fact, Ferrari says this is its most aerodynamically advanced convertible ever.

2014 Paris Motor Show Coverage

Inside you’ll find the same typical F1-inspired steering wheel, paddle shifters and center-mounted tachometer as you would expect on other products from the high-performance brand. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires specially designed for the car and meant for track day longevity wrap the wheels.

As is the case with all Ferraris, production is limited. There will only be 499 of these built, but if you’re on Maranello’s short list you probably knew that months ago. Take a minute to reflect on something. Ferrari says all of its future V8s will use turbochargers and that means this could be one of, if not the last naturally aspirated car it debuts at an auto show.

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