2016 Mazda2 Delivers a Bit More of Everything

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee

The 2016 Mazda2 just made its North American debut ahead of the Montreal Salon de L’Auto.

The new model is larger, better quipped and wears Mazda’s Kodo styling that’s most noticeable from the front and back of the car. The profile view of the new Mazda2 looks similar to the outgoing model though and is unmistakably Mazda.

Almost 4.5 inches longer than the 2015 Mazda2, the new car retains the same width and grows slightly taller. The wheels have been pulled to the corners to give the car a more purposeful stance. The headlights feature a distinct four-LED design.

More Power, More Efficiency

The 2016 Mazda2 will be powered by a 1.5-liter Skyactiv gasoline engine in Canada and should be the sole engine choice in the U.S. as well. Exact specification details aren’t announced at this time, but the engine does make 113 hp in the U.K. That’s more power than the current Mazda2 makes and since it’s using Skyactiv technology, it should also be more efficient. Transmission choices have also been updated and a choice of six-speeds are now available in manual or automatic.

In keeping with the Mazda2’s sporty nature, the steering is now quicker and more linear thanks to a rigid steering mount, the first in a Mazda passenger car. The car’s structure has stiffened by 22 percent and wheel choices now include a 16-inch diameter option. Despite this wheel size increase, Mazda claims the 2’s turning radius is the same as the old model.

Inspired by Jets?

Inside, the interior is supposedly aircraft inspired. Not so much in that it resembles the inside of an actual airplane, but more so that elements inside have been designed to look like jet engines, wings, etc. Interior materials have been improved to look and feel more premium and the driver position is designed to accommodate a wider range of sizes. The gear shifter, whether it’s for the manual or automatic, has moved from the bottom of the dashboard mounted center console to a more traditional location on the floor.

The Mazda2 offers some surprisingly high tech features not usually found in sub-compact cars. Aside from the Mazda Connect infotainment system with its HMI center console mounted interface, the 2 can also be had with head-up display, similar to that found in the Mazda3.

Full pricing, specifications and other details should come out closer to the 2016 Mazda2’s release in late summer.

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Mike Schlee
Mike Schlee

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