Next-Gen Nissan GT-R Hybrid Coming in 2018 ‘at the Earliest’


New rumors on the next-generation Nissan GT-R have surfaced.

In a recent interview with Top Gear the Japanese automaker’s Chief Creative Officer, Shiro Nakamura, revealed that the redesigned R36 GT-R won’t make an appearance until 2018 at the earliest. According to Nakamura the current GT-R, which is regularly updated every year, is still selling well and the current GT-R engineering team believes there’s even more untapped potential from the sports car.

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As for what we can expect with the R36 GT-R, Nakamura hinted that it will borrow some styling influences from the recent 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept but reminded everyone that the concept is a mid-engine car and the GT-R will forever remain a front-engine, rear-wheel drive platform. He also confirmed that it will be a hybrid though didn’t specify just how much performance we can expect.

GALLERY: Nissan 2020 Concept


[Source: Top Gear]

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