Honda Fit EV Lease Price Slashed to $199


The cost of driving an electric Honda Fit is going down by almost 23 percent.

On March 21, Honda told current Fit EV owners that they will be allowed to extend their current lease for another two years at a monthly rate of $199 instead of the previous $259 per month price. New customers willing to drive a used car will also have access to the same lowered lease rate with no down payment.

As was the case with customers leasing a new Fit EV, the term includes unlimited mileage and does not offer lessees the option to buy the vehicle after the lease expires.

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But Honda said its choice to offer lease extensions is – in large part – due to many of its current Fit EV customers asking to keep their vehicle longer. The total monthly payment for the new lease term before taxes adds up to $4,776. Initially, the Fit EV lease cost $389 per month.