Jon Olsson Selling Street Legal Race Car

Jon Olsson Selling Street Legal Race Car

Pro skier Jon Olsson is selling a member of his one-off fleet of absurdly powerful performance cars.

Olsson, 32, has a reputation for commissioning specially modified versions of exotic vehicles before driving them like you or I might do with a Subaru Outback or a Toyota Camry. For example, he doesn’t seem to think very much of strapping a cargo box to the top of a Lamborghini Gallardo or a PPI Razor GTR to carry his skis because, well, supercars aren’t usually designed with day trips to Aspen in mind.

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Regardless, Olsson is listing the car you see here on Jameslist for roughly $260,000. It started out as an Ultima GTR, but he threw in a handful of casual modifications like the engine and transmission from a Lamborghini Gallardo. The Rebellion R2K also uses plenty of carbon fiber and ADV.1 wheels. According to the listing, the odomoeter reports just over 18,000 miles.

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[Source: Jameslist via Motor Authority]

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