Tesla Responds to Consumer Reports ‘Undriveable’ Claim


Tesla has released a response to Consumer Reports’ claim that its Model S P85D is “undriveable.”

The publication ran into issues with the Model S P85D’s door handles not automatically extending like they are supposed to, a problem that has been reported among numerous Tesla Model S owners. Consumer Reports claimed because the car sensed a problem, it would not drive. The organization was able to move the car a short distance thanks to an app that allows for keyless driving.

Jake Fisher, director of auto testing, believes that’s because many modern cars won’t let drivers shift into park if a door is ajar. Tesla rebutted by saying that there is no connection between the door handle functionality and the car’s electric powertrain.

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The American automaker also issued a statement saying that service is a priority and that it is constantly improving its vehicles through communication with customers, service technicians and engineers. “In instances when hardware, like the door handle, need to be replaced, we strive to make it painless for a customer to get their Model S serviced,” the statement says. “Every fix is an opportunity for us to learn and apply towards making owning a Model S a great experience.”

The company iterated that the phone app can take the place of a key and once activated, customers have two minutes to get into the car, depress the brake pedal and shift into drive mode, at which point the car can be driven normally with no time duration to lock it out.

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