Electric Zombie 222 Mustang Smokes Tesla P85D In Quarter Mile

Tesla’s P85D all-wheel-drive super electric sedan has out-dragged many cars but it met its match this month in a showdown against an electric rear-wheel-drive 1968 Mustang.

In a quarter mile drag race, the 800-horsepower converted muscle car called the Zombie 222 ran 10.2 seconds against the 691-horse Tesla which finished in 11.4 – not slow by any means, but the Mustang EV is overpowered beyond overpowered.

For those familiar with Jay “Plasma Boy” Wayland who first made waves with his devastatingly quick converted 1972 Datsun 1200 “White Zombie,” it may be little surprise his converted Mustang did what it did.

The little sleeper of a Datsun itself has run 10.258 seconds at 123.79 mph, and the Mustang which does 0-60 in 2.4 seconds is intended to take off in development – and market appeal for the niche conversion company – where that little electrified econo box leaves off.

The Zombie 222 is the company’s first alternative to a Tesla appealing to people who like the vintage muscle look of classic American Iron with V8 extracted, and power electronics installed.

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As one might expect, a custom Mustang conversion to beat a P85D does not come cheap, and Zombie conversions can run below or well above Tesla’s $106,000-plus balanced luxury performance sedan.

There are actually several levels from a Zombie 111 starting at $50,000 plus a mechanically sound donor car, to the $75,000-plus-donor Zombie 211 and the Zombie 222 as featured and starting for $125,000 plus donor car.

What raced the Tesla is actually a demonstrator for the conversion company equipped with a “1.2 megawatt” battery pack capable of delivering up to 1,500 horsepower in theory, though that “Zombie XXX” level is only teased for building later.

The Zombie 222 does send 4,000 amps in present configuration to its electric motors, in a half-mile drag race, it reached a trap speed of 165 and top speed so far has been 174 mph.

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