2017 Mercedes E-Class Packed with New Tech

The next-generation 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is going to debut with a host of new safety and technology features. 

The car will debut in the spring of 2016 fit with a long list of new technology that Mercedes calls “real life safety.” The new additions will put the E-Class at the top of the lineup in terms of new technology, outpacing even the S-Class. Mercedes says that the S-Class will receive these updates when it’s refreshed in spring 2017.

Mercedes calls the advances “Intelligent Drive next Level,” which includes systems like steering assistance to help avoid an obstacle or accident, a system that pushes the driver and front-seat passenger away from the doors in a side impact collision and even a system to protect occupant’s ears during a crash. Smartphone integration is also a major part of the package, as your phone can act as the key and it can be used to park the E-Class from outside the vehicle.

Mercedes also says the system is now upgradeable, which means that future developments can be remotely added to the E-Class over the cloud.

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2016-mercedes-benz-e-class-spy-photos-02Autonomous driving features on the new E-Class include a Distance Pilot Distronic system, which will maintain a safe distance from cars ahead at speeds up to 124 mph. Steering Pilot, which will keep the car in the lane, now works at speeds up to 81 mph and can operate even if road markings aren’t clear. Mercedes engineers did stress that the system is semi-autonomous, and drivers must keep their hands on the wheel.

A Speed Limit Pilot will keep the car’s speed at whatever the limit is in that area, while an Active Brake Assist system will warn the driver of a possible front collision and will provide braking assistance if suddenly needed.

During evasive steering, a new assist system is supposed to help the driver with movement of the steering wheel so the manoeuvre can be performed quickly and safely.

As for smartphone integration, the Remote Parking Pilot will allow owners to use a smartphone app to park the car from outside the vehicle. The smartphone and car key must be within 10 feet of the car for the system to operate. If a traditional key doesn’t interest you, you can also use a smartphone as your key, and you can even adjust seat positions and mirror settings via smartphone.

Car-to-car communication will be fitted to the new E-Class, which means it will be able to communicate with other cars fitted with the technology along with infrastructure that is wired in to the system.

In collisions, the E-Class will try to protect its occupants in numerous ways. The Pre-Safe Impulse Side system will inflate the air chambers in the seats bolsters to move front seat passengers away from the doors, while the Pre-Safe Sound system will activate a loud noise that contracts the stapedius muscle in the ear, offering more protection against high sound pressure. New inflatable seatbelts are also available on the car.

Details on the rest of the vehicle, like engines, infotainment and pricing has not yet been released by the company.

[Source: Automotive News]

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