2016 Volt to Get 53 Miles of Electric Range


Chevrolet’s Volt extended-range electric vehicle is getting a total redesign for the 2016 model year and some important information about it has prematurely surfaced.

The U.S. EPA has officially rated this gasoline-and-battery-powered sedan. It will offer drivers an electric-only range 53 miles, which is 15 more than what’s provided by today’s model.

All told, the 2016 Volt should achieve a fuel-economy rating of 106 MPGe, that’s miles per gallon equivalent, a figure used to rate electric vehicles. Running on straight gasoline, this car should return a fuel-economy score of 42 MPG.

According to Chevrolet, drivers that currently own Volts operate on battery power 80 percent of the time, but with the range increase they expect that figure to grow by 10 percent. Taking advantage of the car’s on-board batteries and plug-in capability, the bow-tie brand estimates owners will be able to go 1,000 between fill-ups.

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The 2016 Volt is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that provided 101 horses. For electron storage it features an 18.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that’s five and a half feet long and weighs 405 pounds, 20 pounds less than its predecessor.

The car’s battery assembly is certainly quite heavy, but fortunately engineers have managed to reduce the Volt’s overall weight by nearly 250 pounds.

The 2016 Chevrolet Volt starts right around $34,000. This price does not include any federal tax credits, which could be as much as $7,500. This car should go on sale across the U.S. this fall.

[Source: GM Authority]

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Mike says:

Wow. What an improvement. NOT.

expert says:

what did you expect? double the electric range? that would double the price of the car.

Chris says:

Not so much…. They increased the range by about 40%, and if they’re $34k price tag is right, they dropped it by about a grand in cost versus the 2015… Either way, it seems like it won’t cost any more than the current model but still has pretty paltry range and only mediocre mileage when it runs on gas.

J says:

Look at the gestalt, combined mileage; can’t be beaten. Overall mpg after nearly 50,000 miles on 2012 Volt purchased in 2013 is about 65 mpg per the display on the car. Some trips need zero gas, just depends on where and how far you drive. it is great to see the result of every trip in terms of gas and electric.

Richard Joash Tan says:


Mike says:

Get your azz back in the kitchen and make more egg rolls.

roundthings says:

What’s with the strange indents in the side of Chevy cars coming out soon, including the Malibu?
They look like they were in an accident

J says:

Funny thing, I own a 2012 Volt, have a 240 Volt charger in my garage to plug in. Very recently I have been getting more mile range with a full charge than ever. Is the mile range related to the type of driving, perhaps? I am stating what the car states, when I unplug from a charge. If a full charge it has been the highest ever at 52 miles, 48 miles, but winter has been much lower. Was there some way that GM could tweek the MPG via software for a 2912??? Just wondering. Love it!!!