Mazda’s New Rotary Engine is Still in the Works

Mazda’s New Rotary Engine is Still in the Works

Mazda has a team of engineers working on a revamped rotary engine, which may find its way into a new sports car. 

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mazda President Masamichi Kogai told Autocar that the company has engineers working “very enthusiastically” at developing a rotary engine that will meet today’s rigorous fuel economy standards.

The rotary was phased out at Mazda back in 2012 when the RX-8 was cancelled, mainly due to it not meeting tightening emissions regulations. The only way Mazda will offer a rotary engine again is if it can be just as clean and efficient as contemporary gasoline engines.

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No timeline was provided for when we can expect this updated rotary engine to be available while the vehicle it would be fitted to is also a mystery. Rumors of a new RX sports car have been circulating for some time, though Kogai would not address them.

The new rotary might not end up in a sports car at all, as back in 2013, Mazda displayed a 2 compact car that used a rotary engine as a range extender for a hybrid system.

If Mazda is looking at a return for the rotary-powered RX-8, bringing it back in 2018 would mark the 40th anniversary of the RX lineup.

[Source: Autocar]

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