Someone is Trying to Patent an In-Car Toilet

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu
someone is trying to patent an in car toilet

If you think the Honda Odyssey’s in-car vacuum is handy, you will likely get a kick out of this.

A patent filing published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 4 shows an in-car toilet, described in the filing as “porter potty” seating.

The application was filed by Danisha Lashune Taylor of Lancaster, California and details “a portable vehicular adult and child potty seat with ease-of-excretion enhancement during a journey.” The potty seats are removable (thankfully) with detachable components that include an automatic lid, cushioned commode seater, automatic flush, liquid storage tank, drain module and a disposable collecting bag.

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The patent also details how during the failure or breakage or wearing of a specific component, only the failed components would need to be replaced with a new one, resulting in easy and cost-effective maintenance. The invention also can be easily installed within the vehicle seat “to enhance an ease-of-use feature during an excretion emergency.”

How pleasant would your next road trip be if you had a toilet in the back seat?

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