BMW M4 GTS Looks Proud Beside Its Predecessors in This Great Gallery

Stephen Elmer
by Stephen Elmer

BMW has released a fresh set of photos detailing its new M4 GTS alongside many of the brand’s classic special edition models.

Since production of the BMW M3 Evolution began in 1988, the German brand has been pumping out special high-performance editions of its already potent M cars every few years.

The latest from BMW is the M4 GTS, which features a power boost up to 493 horsepower thanks to a water injection system and plenty of track-ready upgrades. It set a Nurburgring lap time of 7 minutes 28 seconds according to BMW, which puts the car in contention with the likes of supercars such as the Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4-12C.

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Just 300 units of the M4 GTS will come to the U.S., with delivery starting in the second quarter of 2016. A total of 700 units will be produced.

The Classics

BMW also released a set of excellent images, showing off all of the special edition M cars it has made since 1988.

The oldest special edition model is the BMW M3 Evolution of which 500 were produced. It used an inline four-cylinder engine to make 220 hp, 25 more than the standard M3. Weight reduction, front and rear spoilers and modified valves, pistons and cylinder heads made this car a performer.

In 1990, BMW came out with the M3 Sport Evolution. Now with a slightly larger 2.5-liter inline four cylinder, the car made 238 hp. About 77 pounds was cut from the car thanks to the lightweight construction of the muffler, front spoiler, trunk lid, read wing and adjustable splitter. The 16-inch light-alloy wheels with Nogaro silver stars in the center and the “Sport Evolution 1990” badges inside the car really set this version apart.

Five years later in 1995, BMW introduced the M3 GT. Now with an inline six-cylinder engine, the car packed 286 hp, allowing it to jump to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds. An even more exclusive version, known as the GT special-edition, was also built in 1995, packing 295 hp along with aluminum doors.

In 2003, the M3 CLS was introduced, prioritizing weight loss. The center console, rear-view mirror and interior trim were made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic while the glass was made thinner and the trunk lid was made lighter. All together, it added up to a loss of 362 pounds, bringing the curb weight to 3,053 lbs. Under the hood, 360 hp was now on tap thanks to special intake air ducting that helped cool the upgraded engine. This model stood out thanks to its carbon fiber roof. The jump to 62 mph took the M3 CSL 4.8 seconds.

In 2010, the M3 GTS was born. This car cut 275 pounds and used a 4.4-liter V8 to make 450 hp. This car was built largely by hand, and featured hardcore options like a full roll cage.

Finally, the last special edition was the M3 CRT, of which only 67 were built in 2011. This car had the power of the M3 GTS stuffed into the four-door M3 sedan. About 99 pounds was stripped from the car and plenty of carbon fiber was added.

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Stephen Elmer

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