All the Hype on Fisker’s New Car Could be Fake, Says TTAC

All the Hype on Fisker’s New Car Could be Fake, Says TTAC

All the positive comments surrounding Fisker’s new car could be fake.

Earlier this week, Fisker tweeted a teaser image showing off the butterfly doors that will be used on his new car and it seemingly drummed up a good amount of buzz on the internet.

But a report from The Truth About Cars claims that many of those comments are being posted by an Indian social media firm that is being paid to bolster Fisker’s reputation online. The investigation began when TTAC noticed some interesting comments on its website, a number of which were submitted within an hour of one another and all that praised the design of Fisker’s new car. With some digging, the site discovered that all three comments were submitted using email addresses, and all three accounts were consistent in using a first and last name in the email.

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Similar comments have also been left at numerous websites across the internet, most of which had a consistent message: praising Fisker’s butterfly doors and his previous attempts in the automotive industry.

And then there’s Fisker’s wife, Geeta Fisker, that may be linked to Indian social media services. The company responded to The Truth About Cars‘ request for a comment, saying “To the best of our knowledge, none of our employees or vendors have been involved in these activities. We are talking to all of our employees, vendors and partners to make our policy clear and to reiterate that we have never, and will not ever tolerate this moving forward.”

So the big question now is whether the new Fisker, Inc. is aware of what is being done online, or if it’s just a real peculiar case of a rabid fanbase.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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