Plug-in Cars Had Their Best-Ever US Sales in September

Last month plug-in electrified vehicles saw some of their best sales numbers ever in the United Sates.

The lion’s share was carried by battery electric vehicles which just touched 0.7 percent share in the passenger car and light truck market that saw 1.43 million sales.

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A total of 10,032 battery electrics for September are represented mostly by the Tesla Model S (4,100 estimated sales), and Model X (2,600 estimated). Tesla reported a strong third quarter, so its push to meet a goal is most to be credited.

All told, battery electrics plus plug-in hybrids totaled 16,069 units and comprised 1.12 percent of September sales, topping the previous high market share of 0.91 percent in June 2016, and previous high total of 14,973 in August 2016.

This also edges out the U.S. lower-emission diesel vehicle market, which saw 0.82 percent share, with Volkswagen cars benched for now, and the majority of its 11,737 sales carried by light-duty trucks.

Regular non-plug-in hybrids, not so incidentally, accounted for 2.19 percent, and 31,286 sales.

The U.S. is also on track to have a much better overall year. Sales, calendar year to date, of all plug-ins is now 109,513 units. By contrast last year the entire 12 months saw 114,428 sales.

Since 2008, the U.S. has purchased an estimated 522,519 plug-in passenger vehicles.

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