The New Chevy Cruze Diesel is Cheaper than the Old One

Pricing for the new Chevrolet Cruze diesel has been announced with the car starting at $24,670. 

That base price nets you a Cruze sedan with a six-speed manual, while bumping up to the nine-speed automatic pushes the price up to $26,270. To get the diesel engine, the Cruze must be at least an LT trim with the convenience package, which means standard equipment includes power driver’s seat, push-button ignition, keyless entry and more.

Adding the leather package to the car will cost $1125, while combining the leather option with the Sun, Sound and Confidence package is available for $3680.

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This price point means that the new Cruze diesel is cheaper than the 2014 model, which started at $25,695, and that the diesel engine is a $4056 premium over the gas engine. Every 2017 Cruze also comes with Chevy’s 24/7 Promise which is a two-year subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio and OnStar plus two years of 24 GB of 4G LTE data.

Chevy has yet to announce pricing for the Cruze diesel hatchback, power output for the engine and fuel economy rating, so stay tuned for all that info to be released closer to the car’s launch.

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