Mustang Used in Steve McQueen's Bullitt Supposedly Resurfaces in Mexico

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

A user on an forum claims it’s the real deal.

Update: Fox News reports the car is “100 percent” authentic, according to classic Ford expert Kevin Marti. Marti traveled across the Mexicali border to inspect the car last week. The car has since been shipped to California where a full restoration will begin.

User Fede Garza on Vintage-Mustang shared photos of what appears to be the second Ford Mustang used in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. The car was believed to have been sent to the junkyard after filming due to heavy damage but that may not be the case. Garza provides a few photos that show the VIN stamping and other modifications made to the car that could relate to being used for the movie. Of course, all of this could be faked.

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The car is reportedly heading to the U.S. to be properly restored, and it’s likely that we won’t know if it’s authentic until it does. It could be an elaborate forgery or it could just be the real deal. It’s understandable that some forum members are skeptical about its authenticity.

In his post, Garza says the car is currently in Mexico and has been there for a good 20-30 years. At one point it was in Baja, California near Los Cabos rotting away and some guy bought the fastback and the coupe together, with the intent of turning the Fastback into an Eleanor. He came across the car because he runs a fastener distribution business and has been involved with Mustangs all his life. The owner of the shop where the car currently sits purchases fasteners from Garza and he said one day the owner came in “almost pale and shaking,” showing him the VIN, the Marti Report and the title in his name.

The car will be shown locally at a Ford dealership as part of a going away party. We’ll keep an eye to see if it does end up in the U.S. to be authenticated and restored.

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Jason Siu

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