Poll: Mazda Miata or Chevrolet Camaro?

Which sporty two-door car would YOU rather own, a Mazda Miata or Chevrolet Camaro?

These models may have significant differences but they also share a lot in common. Yes, the Miata is a Japanese roadster and the Camaro an iconic American muscle machine but they’re both rear-wheel drive, offer a fabric drop-top, have four-cylinder engines and can be had with manual transmissions.

The Mazda is definitely the smaller and lighter of this pair, clocking in at 2,332 pounds with a standard gearbox. In comparison, a rag-roof Camaro with three pedals weighs 3,627; that’s nearly 1,300 pounds more!

Thanks to this monumental mass advantage the Miata feels plenty quick with just 155 horses on tap, provided by a 2.0-liter Skyactiv four-cylinder engine, of course. The Chevy’s ‘banger displaces the same amount, but thanks to turbocharging it cranks out 120 additional ponies (for a total of 275) with faaaaaar more torque, which maxes out at 295 lb.-ft.

Despite its extra oomph, the Camaro’s husky curb weight and the fact that it features extra content (like back seats, however useless they may be), the Chevy here is not drastically less efficient than the Mazda. It’s rated at 20 miles per gallon around town, 30 on the highway and 23 MPG combined. In contrast, the Miata should return 26 city, 33 highway and 29 combined.

Being a larger, bulkier car, the Camaro is a bit more expensive than the Mazda in this tossup, but that’s no surprise. An entry-level example can be had for around $32,900 (including $995 for delivery). In comparison, the cheapest Miata goes for $27,270 (including $875 for delivery)

Which of these sporty drop-tops would YOU rather own? Compare them here and make sure to vote in our poll!



NewGuy says:

Hmm, but would anybody actually cross-shop these two cars? I think most people equate sports cars with horsepower and you see Camaros and Mustangs are everywhere on the road.

For me it’d be a no brainer as to which one I’d choose…

Eric says:

I like them both but I’d rather have a heavier car protecting me in a crash. I’d pick the Camaro and wouldn’t look back.