These Kids and Their Stanced Power Wheels Are Coming to Ruin Playground Cars and Coffee

These Kids and Their Stanced Power Wheels Are Coming to Ruin Playground Cars and Coffee

Many car owners will make at least one modification to their car, whether it be lowered suspension, rims or something of that sort – but now kids can get in on the custom car fun as well thanks to KidStance.

KidStance is run by car enthusiasts Denver Pettigrew Jr. and his wife Vicktoria. Cars brought the couple together, so when they had their son, a typical stroller just wouldn’t cut it. They went out and bought him a PowerWheels childrens’ car and modified it with the intent on getting him interested in cars. It worked, but perhaps more importantly, his modified PowerWheels began to draw attention.

KidStance is now a four-person operation, working out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and fulfilling a steady stream of email inquiries from car-crazy parents all over the world. The most frequent modifications are lowered suspension and different wheels, but some parents go all-out for their kids. Their most advanced build to date was a 1994 Porsche 964 PowerWheels, which they outfitted with custom upholstery, a flip-out digital display with a rear-view camera and a digital dash. The damage was a cool $5,000.

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A quick look at KidStance’s Instagram page reveals some truly wild creations. There’s a McLaren P1 with custom wheels and a bodykit, a Porsche 911 with fake twin-turbochargers and even a GT3-inspired BMW Z4. We’re most impressed by some of the interiors, though, which feature custom upholstery done by actual upholstery shops that typically work on real cars.

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If KidStance has ever upgraded one of the electric motors, we might be interested in getting one of these pimped PowerWheels for ourselves. We’d have to remain patient, however – apparently the folks over at KidStance have a long waiting list and an inbox filled with build requests.

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