New Lynk & Co 02 Small Crossover to Debut ‘Soon’

China’s Lynk & Co has revealed it will soon unveil a new ’02’ small crossover that will undercut the larger ’01’ SUV in the automaker’s lineup.

Speaking to AutoExpress, Lynk & Co Senior Vice President Alain Visser said the new 02 crossover would be smaller and sportier looking than the 01 SUV. He also revealed it would arrive before the ’03’ sedan the automaker previewed with the 03 Concept at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show.

““In between the 01 SUV and 03 saloon will be a type of crossover vehicle that we’ll reveal soon,” Visser said. “It’s got SUV cues, but it’s probably a bit lower. You’ll see that most of our cars are relatively small in size.”

Lynk & Co plans to start selling the 01 SUV in China later this year. The automaker is also planning an expansion to Europe and the U.S. for mid-2019 and hopes to be selling cars in the United Kingdom by the end of 2019.

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While it can be hard for an all-new car company to pull buyers away from established automakers, Lynk & Co is going about it the right way. Rather than relying solely on consumers showing up to a dealership to buy one of its cars, the company plans to offer subscription services with its vehicles. The automaker also plans to partner with building development companies to offer its cars to building residents through a sort of car sharing service.

“We want to sell cars, but we will most of all sell mobility,” Visser said. “So we’ll sell cars via a subscription model, where you pay a monthly fee and extend it or not, but within that fee you can change car every day or swap it whenever you want it.”

“We’re looking at working with building firms where you build apartment blocks and maybe they have eight cars as part of it,” he added. “You buy an apartment and it includes mobility. There are eight cars there and you just share them with your neighbours.”

We’re expecting the 02 to be shown in concept form before the production version arrives late next year or perhaps in early 2019.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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