A Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is Coming – But Not For a Few Years

A Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is Coming – But Not For a Few Years

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed a hardcore Black Series version of the AMG GT R is on the cards – but it won’t be arriving anytime soon.

AMG boss Tobias Moers told Motoring the AMG GT chassis is capable of handling more power than the 577 horsepower the AMG GT R makes. The AMG GT R Black Series won’t only be about extra power, though. Like the SLS Black Series, it will also put an emphasis on handling performance with upgraded suspension and tires and reduced weight. A more extreme aerodynamics package could also be in store.

“The GT R is still very competitive and is doing quite well [but] when we do a Black Series it’s going to happen in the GT family,” Moers said at the recent 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.“The GTR for sure chassis-wise is capable of more power. So yes Black Series should always have a little bit more power but it’s not all bout horsepower — it’s all about the handling, the performance on the track.”

“Yes we can do more. GT R is less weight than GT S so yes we’re working on that,” he added. “For Black Series it will be mandatory to reduce weight.”

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Moers added that the AMG GT R Black Series won’t arrive until close to the end of the AMG GT’s lifecycle. The sports car is only a couple of years old, so the Black Series is likely still a few years away, but buyers probably aren’t knocking down Mercedes’ door asking for more performance, anyway. The AMG GT R has already proven to be one of the fastest production cars around a racetrack, lapping the demanding Nurburgring Nordschleife in just 7 minutes and 10 seconds – nearly two seconds faster than a 911 GT3.

While the Black Series is a shoe-in, there’s one AMG GT variant you shouldn’t hold your breath for: a convertible version of the GT R. As such, a drop-top Black Series won’t be offered either, with the 550 hp AMG GT C Roadster set to remain the most potent drop-top AMG for the foreseeable future.

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