Pirelli Expands Its Tire Offerings for Classic Cars

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Pirelli is offering modern tire compounds in classic tire sizes.

Pirelli Collezione is the tire maker’s dedicated range for classic and vintage cars, featuring Pirelli’s new and technologically advanced compounds in classic tire sizes. The product range is available for historic models dating back to the 1950s, so owners can have peak performance on today’s street or track while retaining the classic car’s original character and authenticity. Fitments include a number of Ferraris, the Mercedes 300SL, Lamborghini Miura, VW Beetle, and the Porsche 911 range.

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To develop products for the Pirelli Collezione range, engineers at the company used the same parameters as the vehicle engineers employed during the tire design process, researching the brand’s archives and original equipment. As a result, Pirelli is able to faithfully recreate the tire characteristics that complement each car’s original suspension setup and dynamics.

But new materials are used to enhance the classic tires’ original construction and detailing, resulting in a modern tire for a classic car. The tire tread compounds also conform to the latest environmental standards, unlike their original counterparts.

Jason Siu
Jason Siu

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  • Joe Tumansky Joe Tumansky on Jan 18, 2018

    OK. What are the sizes? COME ON MAN!!

  • MikeB MikeB on Jan 19, 2018

    Google "Pirelli Collezione" and you'll find lots of information. Two of the many classic tires in the new line are the CN36 in 60-, 70-, and 80-series ratios to fit Porsche, Alpha, and Ferrari, and then the P7 in 50-series ratios to fit Porsche. The tread patterns look identical to the originals. As I recall, a 1974 911 I bought in the late 70s had 185/70x15 CN36 tires on it. One of the best looking treads ever, and they worked well.