The Current Nissan 370Z is Will Live On for a While Longer


It’s sounding increasingly likely we won’t see a new Z any time soon.

There have been rumors Nissan will preview an eventual Z successor at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, but that might not be the case anymore. In a new report from Motoring, former Nissan Australia managing director Richard Emery confirmed a new Z model isn’t coming anytime soon. “Even we don’t know,” he said in regards to a new Z debuting at Tokyo. Emery then clarified by adding, “And we would know if there was something pending, so there’s nothing pending. Not any time soon.”

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The future of the Nissan 370Z has been shrouded in mystery, as the Japanese automaker continues making trivial updates tot he now aged sports car. Earlier this year, we spoke to Christian Meunier, senior vice president at Nissan Sales, Marketing and Operations at the 2017 New York Auto Show. Meunier shared that the 370Z isn’t a priority for Nissan and couldn’t confirm a successor was in the works or even under consideration.

We’re still hoping a concept of some sort debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show to breathe life into the Z, but Nissan might be more than satisfied with how its crossovers and SUVs are selling to care.

[Source: Motoring]

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