Bad News! The Baby Honda NSX? It’s Virtual


We have some pretty disappointing news. That baby Honda NSX is a Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

With Gran Turismo Sport heading to the PlayStation 4 next week, excited virtual racers are able to access the game’s demo now, getting access to the car’s games. A user on one of‘s forums, VWVortex, has found the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo in the game’s demo which likely means it sadly won’t be a production car.

Patent filings and images got everyone excited about the idea of a baby Honda NSX, a sports car that would be more affordable than the Acura NSX. As more details surfaced and more images were released from patent filings, it seemed more and more likely this was going to be a production car. But alas, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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If Honda follows the trend of other Vision Gran Turismo Concepts, that means this one won’t be heading to production anytime soon, if at all. The good news? Unlike other Vision Gran Turismo Concepts, Honda’s offering isn’t as extreme or outlandish which means it could be a production car. In fact, it might be the realistic Vision Gran Turismo Concept we’ve seen yet. Maybe there is still hope.

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