Buy It! 1965 Lancia Space Ship

Alex Reid
by Alex Reid

A most delicious Flavia!

Zagato is kind of known for going against the status quo with their strange but sometimes beautiful designs, and this Lancia is no different. The rear quarter windows curve onto the roof, which makes this Italian coupe look like it came from outer space. Powered by an all aluminum 1.5 liter 4-cylinder boxer engine, it could send 100hp to the front wheels thanks to its dual carburetor setup – only available on the Zagato-bodied models. Dunlop disc brakes and unequal length wishbone suspension just make this seem more like it’s from Mars. Only 600 aluminum bodied Zagato models were built, making this quite rare. Restored and seemingly needing nothing, this would be a very interesting addition to an eclectic collection.

Find this weirdo here on Craigslist!

Alex Reid
Alex Reid

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