2019 Ram 1500: Top 10 Things You Need to Know


We’ve been hearing rumors and seeing spy photos for months, but at long last, it’s here: the all-new 2019 Ram 1500.

Arguably, this is the most significant reveal at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. There’s so much to talk about, but here are the 10 most important things to know about this tough truck.

10. There’s All-New Frame Under There

Underneath that handsome bodywork is a brand-new frame that’s 98 percent high-strength steel. It’s the strongest foundation to ever support a Ram 1500. That advanced metallurgy resulted in a tougher backbone but also a lighter one. This frame weighs 100 pounds less than the one underneath today’s version of the truck. Ingeniously splayed front rails – a patent-pending design – help dissipate energy in a wide-range of crashes.

9. It’s Gone on a Diet

2019 Ram 1500

All in, this new generation pickup has lost about 225 pounds. Trimming excess fat, the body is about 54 percent high-strength steel, but aluminum was used in strategic areas like the tailgate, engine mounts, forward crossmember, and steering gear arrangement. Additionally, the upper control arms are fabricated from a composite material.

8. Capability is Up

Engineers increased capability by a large amount. The 2019 Ram’s maximum payload is now 2,300 pounds and when properly equipped, its tow-rating has ballooned to 12,700 pounds.

7. Two Engine Choices

As in years past, a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is offered in this truck along with an available 5.7-liter Hemi. Newly refined, that six-shooter delivers 305 horsepower and 269 foot-pounds of torque, while the V8 is rated at 395 and 410, respectively. The EcoDiesel engine will not be offered, at least at launch. Expect it to return sometime in calendar year 2019.

6. It’s a Hybrid…

Improving fuel economy and performance is a 48-volt electrical system. Ram’s new eTorque mild-hybrid technology replaces a traditional alternator with a belt-driven motor-generator. This enables fuel-saving features like stop-start capability, torque assist during acceleration, and even regenerative braking.

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5. …And the Boost is HUGE!

A briefcase-sized, 300-Watt-hour advanced-chemistry battery mounts to the cab’s back wall where it doesn’t eat into passenger space. This pack provides the juice that makes the hybrid system function. For short bursts, it can add up to 90 foot-pounds of torque to the V6 engine and 130 to the Hemi. That’s crazy!

4. efficiency, Efficiency, EFFICIENCY!

Along with the weight loss, slippery bodywork further improves fuel economy. This new Ram allegedly has the most aerodynamic design in the full-size truck segment, with a coefficient of drag measuring as little as .375. Standard models feature a front air dam that drops 2.5 inches while driving to reduce drag while trucks equipped with optional air suspension drop more than half an inch at speed.

3. Two-Wheel-Drive Models Feature an Axle Warmer

Two-wheel-drive versions of the new Ram feature a heat exchanger for the rear differential. This clever bit of engineering circulates engine coolant through the differential cover, helping warm the gear lubricant up faster in cold weather, significantly improving efficiency. Pulling double duty, this also helps keep temperatures in check while hauling heavy loads.

2.The Little Things

Engineers also focused on a ton of little things with the 2019 Ram 1500. Aside from its all-new interior, the tailgate features a gas-charged damper for smooth action up or down, the key-fob battery is designed to last six years or more, there’s active noise cancellation, you can get an available 19-speaker audio system and there’s even a version of FCA’s Uconnect system with a massive 12-inch display screen. THAT’S AN ENTIRE FOOT!

1. It’s Going on Sale Soon

Aside from these 10 highlights, there are probably 100 other noteworthy features of this new Ram 1500. But who has time for all that? Lastly, this truck is slated to go on sale very soon. Look for it to launch in the first-quarter of the year, which means it’s going to start arriving at dealerships in the next two months. Pricing and fuel-economy figures will be released closer to its on-sale date.

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