Elon Musk Made Something Ridiculous and People Bought It

Elon Musk Made Something Ridiculous and People Bought It

At this point, Elon Musk is either some crazy genius or future evil villain.

Maybe the man behind Tesla is just trying to see how ridiculous his ideas can get before people stop handing over money, but apparently a flamethrower is not one of them. The Boring Company is Musk’s latest creation, with the goal of digging tunnels underneath the surface in order to ease traffic. But before The Boring Company has its real product to demonstrate, it has a flamethrower for $500.00 that is “guaranteed to liven up any party” and is being touted as the “world’s safest flamethrower.”

Musk himself tweeted that the flamethrower is a super terrible idea and you definitely shouldn’t buy one. But of course he followed that up by saying, “Unless you like fun.”

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Currently the product page has a pre-order button for the $500 flamethrower, with reports that over 10,000 units have been sold. That’s $5 million in flamethrowers and the company plans on selling 20,000 total. There’s also a $30 fire extinguisher that’s coming soon and even The Boring Company is saying it’s overpriced. “You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere, but this one comes with a cool sticker and the button is conveniently riiight above.”

At this point we don’t know what Musk will come up with next. But apparently whatever it is, people are going to just hand over their money without thinking twice.

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