Lexus Reportedly Expanding LC Lineup With Convertible, High-Performance F Variants

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

Lexus plans to add more variants to the LC lineup, including a convertible and a high-performance F model.

According to a report from Auto Express, citing an inside source, the Lexus LC Convertible has received the green light, and an LC F model is nearing approval. Expect to see the LC Convertible to be introduced within 18 months to two years, with the F variant coming afterwards.

Lexus has noticeably been missing a convertible in its lineup ever since the IS C was discontinued, and at first it was believed an RC Convertible would be in the works, especially after the automaker unveiled the LF-C2 Concept. But the company switched its focus to crossovers and SUVs, causing the RC Convertible to be shelved.

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President of Lexus International, Yoshihiro Sawa, told Auto Express he hopes Lexus has a convertible in the near future, adding that “the luxury market requires a convertible.”

It is likely the convertible variant will share powerplants with the coupe, while the possible LC F could turn to a new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine providing around 600 horsepower.

“The perception of Lexus is becoming better and better,” added Sawa. “We used to be the boring brand. But now it is changing, although we have to push continuously or it becomes boring again.”

[Source: Auto Express]

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  • Joe Tahan Joe Tahan on Jan 18, 2018

    good thing Lexus attached the Fsport badge to ALL of its cars instead of just the performance models. That doesn't dilute the name at all.